Getting Started

Starting the process of getting a wheelchair accessible vehicle? Let us help navigate. 
So you find yourself in a very stressful and most likely difficult time. You or a loved one is in need of a handicap accessible vehicle. Maybe you're new to a wheelchair or are no stranger to its use. Either way, we at Aero Mobility, are here to support you 100%. And after 30-years of experience, we've learned a thing or two on how to get things done in a safe, professional manner.  So, why work with a professional mobility team? Because we are better together. We can help use our years of networking to connect with the resources you deserve. We can help secure funding, grants, loans, non-profit, and government programs to assist or sometimes cover all costs. If we cannot secure 100% funding, we work with special finance groups to create unique loans for wheelchair accessible vehicles. We also can connect our growing accessible community through sources like GoFundMe and other crowd souces. But it takes persistence and a dedicated team working for you.  If you're interested in learning more, please continue reading, or click the button below to set up your private one-on-one appointment with an Aero Mobility executive.

Step One: Needs Analysis 

The first question is what will be the primary use of the accessible vehicle and for whom. Will this be the primary family vehicle or used infrequently? Will you be operating the vehicle in a garage, in a driveway, parking structure, etc. If the chair user will always travel with a caregiver then both a manual or automatic ramp can be an option. The size and weight of the chair will also impact your vehicle options. 


Step Two: Fitting & Demonstration

Next, we measure the chair and start testing some vehicle options to find the best fit. If the chair is heavier than 500 lbs. then we recommend a side-entry heavy-duty ramp or a superwide rear-entry. If the chair user will be accompanied by someone who can operate the ramp, then the options are endless. Chair users who would like to drive from their chair or transfer into the driver's seat can customize their vehicle to meed their demands.

Step Three: Customization

We can do customization, adaptive equipment, and add-on options to make your vehicle uniquely yours. We install hand and feet controls, third-row benches, wheelchair securement, and chair docking stations, plus family options like entertainment packages or seating arrangements. We strive to tailor it to your perfect experience.   

Step Four: Training

A positive experience is all in the operation. If you struggle to find the ease of use in your ramp or properly securing the chair passenger, we are here to help with easy to learn training.     

Step Five: Maintenance

Like any major purchase, you are going to want to take great care of your investment. Handicap accessible vehicles come with routine maintenance, plus the additional checklist from an accessible ramp conversion. Most manufacturers offer a standard 3-Year / 36,000-mile warranty which requires regular ramp service. Over time, things can begin to rattle, hum, or shift. Our service center can help from oil changes to ramp repairs keeping your vehicle in top shape and safe on the road.