Handicap Van Rentals in Anaheim, CA.

Handicap Van Rental Program

AeroCares Rentals

Offering a Range of Wheelchair Accessible Minivan Options 

At Aero Mobility we rent handicap accessible minivans available in rear or side entry ramp options. All of our available inventory is certified inspected and 2014 or newer models.

Rates include 100 miles per day, at .20¢ per additional mile. Delivery extra.

Must be 21+ to rent a wheelchair accessible vehicle from this dealership. All rates are subject to change due to supply, distance, and additional mobility equipment.

Daily Handicap Van Rentals from Aero Mobility


$120 p/day + taxes. Delivery extra.


Weekly Handicap Vans Rentals at Aero Mobility


$110 p/day + taxes. Delivery extra.


Monthly Handicap Van Rentals from Aero Mobiliy


$80 p/day + taxes. Includes free delivery.

Don't Put Your Travel at Risk. Only Rent Certified Safe.

50-Point Safety Inspection

The safety of your loved ones during travel is our highest priority. Don't risk your safety on a low-cost lemon.

We conduct certified safety checks and 50-point inspect our handicap accessible minivan rentals before they hit the road. Trust that when you rent from Aero Mobility,

you've rented a handicap accessible vehicle that's capable of getting you where you need to be.

Services include:

Engine Oil & Filter Checks

Tire Check & Rotation

Top of Fluids

Test Wheelchair Securement System

50-Point Safety Inspection

Battery Check to Guarantee Ramp Operation


We Delivery Across Orange County, LA County, and Greater

Vehicle pick-up is at our dealership located at 1001 N. Weir Canyon Rd

Rental Pick-up and Drop-off / Return Time: 10 a.m. 

Delivery Rates as follows:
Orange County Wheelchair Van Rentals Aero Mobility

$75 Each Way

LA County Wheelchair Van Rentals

$150 Each Way

Wheelchair Van Rental Delivery Aero Mobility

Ask for Pricing

Free Wheelchair Van Delivery for Monthly Rentals

We waive all delivery charges on rentals 30-day or longer

Free Wheelchair Van Rental Pickup at Aero Mobility

We'll ensure your vehicle is ready to go and how to use it.

Free Wheelchair Van Delivery for Monthly Rentals

Pick-up your vehicle by 10 a.m. Drop-off/Return by 10 a.m.

Our Rental Fleet

Rent a Wheelchair Accessible Honda Odyssey from Aero Mobility

Honda Odyssey Side-Entry

Available to rent in an automatic side-entry ramp conversion from BraunAbility. Removable front seats. Room for six (6).

Rent a Wheelchair Accessible Rear-Entry Toyota Sienna from Aero Mobility

Toyota Sienna Rear-Entry

Available to rent in an automatic rear-entry ramp conversion from Freedom Motors. Room for five (5).

Rent a Wheelchair Accessible Side-Entry Toyota Sienna from Aero Mobility

Toyota Sienna Side-Entry

Available to rent in an automatic side-entry ramp conversion from BraunAbility. Removable front seats. Room for six (6).

Ready to Book?

Here's What You'll Need

  1. You'll need your valid driver's license and for any other drivers listed on the rental agreement
  2. Driver must be 21 years of age or older
  3. Your insurance card and/or a copy of your policy
  4. pick-up date or delivery time and location
  5. debit card or major credit card to hold your reservation


What Are the Rates?

Rental rates can vary based on the vehicle of choice, supply, distance, additional mobility equipment required, pickup or drop-off location, and length. Our day rentals start at $120 p/ day for 100 miles (.20¢ per additional mile). Delivery extra.


Can Anyone Rent Your Vans?

Absolutely, as long as you have a valid license and are at least 21-years-old. Wheelchair van rentals can be a great alternative for handicap accessible transportation. Short or long-term disabilities, workers' compensation, or a 'try it before you but it' option, we will accommodate your needs. All primary drivers must be named on the rental agreement. 

How Long Can I Rent?

We offer daily, weekly, and monthly terms. Just ask! But if you're looking for a long-term solution, we suggest trying all of our powers to first try and get you in a vehicle of your own that fits within your budget, monthly payment, and down-payment restraints. 

Is There a Deposit to Hold My Reservation?

No, we do not require a reservation deposit but we will take your debit or credit card information to hold your rental.

How Soon Should I Make a Reservation?

As soon as possible is best as wheelchair vehicle rentals are in high demand with limited supply. Often we can adjust your dates easier than it is to fit you in last minute.

Can Anyone Help Me Pay?

Payment sources for alternative transportation services can include auto insurance, health insurance, workers' compensation, vocational rehab, non-profits, and crowdfunding sources.


Vocational rehab patients who do not qualify for workers' compensation may qualify for vocational rehabilitation services.  If a person is to return to work, Vocational Rehabilitation may pay for vehicle modification and interim transportation services.


Workers' comp patients who are injured or suffer illness in connection with their employment may draw workers' compensation benefits.  The costs of vehicle modification and accessible van rental in the interim may be covered under workers' compensation.


Vehicle insurance is a payment source for patients recovering from injuries due to automobile accidents or in cases where a disabled driver's vehicle is being repaired after an accident. Auto insurance companies cover the cost of accessible van rentals until repairs to the client's vehicle can be completed or until a replacement vehicle is found.


Nonprofit organizations are another source of financial assistance.  There are many with various requirements. Many nonprofit organizations that advocate for people with disabilities have waiver programs or grants that will pay for adaptive equipment. Ask us for more details regarding the local companies we can recommend.


Crowdfund sourcing is a new trend that can be helpful in raising funds socially. Companies like GoFundMe or Fundly provide secure funding platforms for a fee or you can create a free fundraiser campaign on Facebook.


(877) 325-4000


There are numerous benefits to renting a wheelchair accessible vehicle from us here at Aero Mobility. You not only get the best rates possible for your renting term, but you can also be sure that your desired minivan, van, or SUV will be more than ready to care for you and your passengers throughout the duration of your trip.
Though renting is a risky business, however, we do have a few important policies regarding your renter's term; you are responsible for safe driving behavior and being fully authorized (meaning you must be over 21 years old and listed on the Rental Agreement) to drive a wheelchair-equipped minivan. We want your experience with our vehicles to be as safe and enjoyable as possible!


[Read More: Rental Rates and Policies at Aero Mobility]
If you have any further questions about our rental policy and how you can be sure to get the best rates for what you need, feel free to contact our team here at Aero Mobility. We hope to see you soon for all your wheelchair accessible vehicle needs!
We rent wheelchair accessible minivan conversions from BraunAbility, Freedom Motors (FMI), and Vantage Mobility (VMI). We deliver mobility van rentals across Orange and Los Angeles Counties including Anaheim, LA, San Bernardino, Laguna Beach, Laguna Hills, Temecula, Victorville, and Beverly Hills.

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